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edward bartonThe Edward Barton Story - Interview by Iain McNay - watch this programme

Edward Barton is a musician and artist who gained attention with his song It's A Fine Day, recorded with Jane Lancaster for Cherry Red in 1983. The song was successfully covered by Opus III and the tune has been used by Kylie Minogue (for her 1994 hit Confide In Me), Orbital and more. Edward’s career began in poetry, with appearances on TV show The Tube, and his work in the arts led him to direct the video for James’ smash hit Sit Down, as well as contribute lyrics to albums by 808 State and Lost Witness, who he also wrote a trio of hit singles for. Edward is full of stories about his truly eccentric career - from hanging out (unknowingly) with Nico to his love of Egyptian pop music and being asked to mime at his school Christmas carol service, and much more. In this in-depth interview Edward talks about his work, but also gives us an insight into his life and how his creative spark manifests through his music and poetry.

Attila The StockbrokerThe Attila The Stockbroker Story - Interview by Iain McNay - watch this programme

Attila The Stockbroker was one of the first Punk Poets to break though in the late 70s and is still as active as ever today. In this in-depth interview he talks about his life and work starting with his first band who only ever played one gig. In 1980 he signed to Cherry Red Records where his debut album ‘Ranting at the Nation’ was very well received. He tells many stories including supporting The Jam, John Cooper Clark and John Cale (who got him thrown out of the venue). Attila has always been very political and campaigned with Rock against racism and Red Wedge. He talks about working in East Germany, replacing Donny Osmond at a gig at the Marquee Club and his battle to save his beloved Brighton and Hove Albion FC. You won't be bored for a second!

rick brownThe Misunderstood/Rick Brown Story - Interview by Iain McNay - watch this programme

Rick Brown was the singer in the innovative American psychedelic rock band The Misunderstood formed in the mid-1960s. They were discovered by John Ravenscoft (soon to be Peel) and with his help moved to London where they signed to Fontana. They were admired by many including The Move and the Pink Floyd and were considered highly influential in the then-emerging genre. They only recorded a handful of songs before being forced to disband. Rick was then conscripted into the US Army to fight in Vietnam but deserted and fled to India via the UK with a false passport. He moved into a Hindi ashram, became a monk, and stayed for over 6 years before being forced to move to Nepal when the US Army were onto him. While there he learned to speak Bengali and Hindi and read Sanskrit and Hindi. In 1979, after 12 years in exile, he returned to the US where he was granted amnesty as a conscientious objector and discharged from the Army. He now lives in Thailand where he deals in gemstones. His story is fascinating and has many phases; from potential rock star to fugitive to Hindi monk to rediscovering active life from a different vantage. It is quite a tale.

jaye/wayne countyJayne/Wayne County Story - Interview by Iain McNay - watch this programme

Jayne was originally Wayne; when she was a young boy she always felt like a girl. In her late teens she moved to New York after being shot at by red necks. She was soon involved with the Andy Warhol circle which included Patti Smith and Lou Reed and starred in a play call 'Femme Fatale.' She then wrote her own play called 'World - Birth Of a Nation' and also featured in the Andy Warhol play 'Pork' which ran at the Roundhouse in London. Her first band Queen Elizabeth led to a deal with the management company Mainman who looked after several artists including David Bowie. She made demos for them and they financed a show called 'Wayne at the Trucks' but was then dropped. Her first recordings were included on the Max’s Kansas City album before she signed to Safari Records. The infamous 'Fuck Off' sold many, many copies and led to her first Martin Birch produced album , 'The Electric Chairs.' Two more Safari albums followed. She then changed her name from Wayne to Jayne and still gigging and recording. She has just recorded a new single and is also now also a highly regarded artist. In the interview she talks us through her life with all the ups and downs.

toyahThe Toyah Willcox Story - Interview by Iain McNay - watch this programme

Toyah talks about her music, her acting career, her relationships, her marriage, and her ups and downs in a very personal way. This is an in-depth interview which looks deeply at who the real Toyah is, what motivates and drives her and how she became so successful. She also shares many fascinating stories.

steve levineThe Steve Levine Story - Interview by Iain McNay - watch this programme

Steve's first job was as a tape operator in CBS studios and while still in his teens he worked with bands such as The Clash, XTC, and The Vibrators. It was while working with the band Sailor as an engineer that he met Beach Boy Bruce Johnson a band he subsequently ended up producing. He produced all the Culture Club hits, the Angelic Upstarts, Jimmy The Hoover and Motorhead amongst many others. Ever up for a new challenge he has spent most of the last year composing and performing the music for an complex computer game. Steve talks us through his life and tells many fascinating stories.

The Spizz story - Interview by Iain McNay - watch this programme

Spizz is a man of many guises. His band names included Spizzoil, Spizzenergi, Spizzles, Athletico Spizz 80, Spizzsexual, Spizzorwell, Spizz and the Astronauties. He is probably best known for the single 'Where's Captain Kirk?' which topped the inaugural Indie Chart for 7 weeks in 1980. Spizz talks us through his life from the time he featured unannounced on stage at a punk evening at the Birmingham club Barbarelles, his appearances with Heaven 17 when he played without his guitar plugged in, through to the modern day world of Spizz where he still records and gigs.


The Laurence Myers Story - Interview by Iain McNay - watch this programme

Laurence Myers is the Author of 'Hunky Dory (Who Knew)' The Best I Can Remember from Twenty Years at the Heart of '60s and '70s Rock and Pop. Laurence originally looked after the business affairs of Micky Most who was then producing The Animals and Hermans Hermits. He was also involved with Peter Grant who originally managed The New Vaudeville Band for him, and Allen Klein who managing the Rolling Stones amongst others. He started to manage Mike Leander who was then a writer and producer who went on to have huge success with Gary Glitter and the Glitter Band. Laurence started Gem Records and his first release (by Edison Lighthouse) went to No. 1 followed up by a No2 hit with Johnny Johnson and the Bandwagon. He met Tony Defries and together they managed David Bowie after 'The Man Who Sold The World' had just come out. Laurence raised the money for recording 'Hunky Dory' and 'Ziggy Stardust.' Also under their wing at the time were Mott The Hoople, Dana Gillespie and Iggy Pop. Defries and Laurence split and he then went on to form GTO Records with Dick Leahy with great success with Heatwave, Fox, Donna Summer etc. Had 37 hit singles. He sold GTO and formed Gem Records who signed Saxon, The UK Subs and had a big hit with Patrick Hermandez. Laurence then moved more into films and was involved with 'Breaking Glass' and 'Picnic on Hanging Rock.' His latest film 'Judy' about the life of Judy Garland has just been released. In this interview he talks about his life, challenges and successes.

Mike Hurst Story - Interview by Iain McNay - watch this programme

While still a teenager Mike met Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran who both encouraged him to follow his dream of being an artist. His first break was auditioning and being chosen to join the Springfields who featured Dusty Springfield as their vocalist. When the group broke up Mike launched himself as a solo artist. He found that tough and then reinvented himself as a record producer. He produced the first singe by Marc Bolan and then found a very young Cat Stevens. He produced his first few singles as well as managing him. But the relationship went sour and they ended up in court. He moved on to produce PP Arnold, Manfred Mann and many other hit acts. He then found Showaddywaddy and ended up producing 17 Top 40 hits for them. He also discovered Shakin' Stevens and produced and managed him. Other acts he produced include Bruce Woolley, Sam Fox and Belle and Sebastian. In this interview Mike talks us through his life, the ups and downs, and the lessons he learnt.

The Rupert Hine Story - Interview by Mark Powell - watch this programme

Rupert talks us through his story from artist to producer. He has worked with many, many successful artists including Howard Jones, Tina Turner, The Fixx, Kevin Ayers; Anthony Phillips and Camel as well as his own career in Quantum Jump and as a solo artist.

The Dana Gillespie Story - Interview by Iain McNay - watch this programme

Dana has recorded over 50 albums during her long career starting as a Folk artist before moving into the world of psychedelia and establishing herself as a very successful Blues artist. She still records today for Ace Records. She tells the eventful story of her life; meeting a very young Davy Jones (who became David Bowie) at London's Marquee club who she establishing a long friendship with; being produced by Jimmy Page, working with Donovan, John Paul Jones, Bob Dylan; being managed by Mainman's Tony Defries; playing Mary in Jesus Christ Superstar; and discovering the Eastern Mystic Sai Baba which led to her changing her life..

The Marty Wilde Story - Interview by Iain McNay - watch this programme

Marty was discovered by Lionel Bart and Larry Parnes and had 8 Top 20 hits between 1958 and 1962. He helped discover Billy Fury and starred in several films including 'What A Crazy World' and Stardust.' He later formed The Wilde 3 with ex-Vernon girl Joyce Baker who was also his wife, and a pre-Moody Blues teenage Justin Hayward. He went on to co-write several songs including 'Jesamine,' I'm A Tiger,' 'Ice in the Sun' and 'Love Me Love My Dog.' Marty is also the father of Kim Wilde for whom he co-wrote 'Kids In America' and 'Cambodia,' and artist, writer and musician Ricky Wilde. In this in-depth interview he talks about his life, his career, his family and some of the artists he has worked with.

Jonathan Donahue ‘The Mercury Rev Story’ - Interview by Iain McNay - watch this programme

Mercury Rev co-founder, vocalist and songwriter Jonathan Donahue talks us through the band’s history with their highs and lows and many interesting stories. The band’s biggest album to date is ‘Deserters Songs.’ They also had Top 20 albums with ‘All Is Dream’ and ‘The Secret Migration’ and 4 Top 40 singles in the UK.

The Nick Beggs Story - Interview by Iain McNay - watch this programme

Nick Beggs is a renowned bass and Chapman Stick player. He formed the band Kajagoogoo who had several hit singles including the No 1 ‘Too Shy.’ After the singer Limahl left he formed Ellis, Beggs and Howard before joining the Christian progressive folk band Iona. He then had a career as an A&R man at Phonogram Records. After leaving there he worked with German electro-pop band Alphaville, John Paul Jones, Belinda Carlisle and then Howard Jones for 5 years. He currently tours and records with Steve Hackett and Steven Wilson as well as recording with Fish on Friday, Lifesigns and The Mute Gods. He also does occasional illustration work. He talks us through his fascinating story and how it is to work with the people involved with the many projects he is involved with.

The Roger Greenaway Story - Interview by Iain McNay - watch this programme

When still in his teens Roger co-founded the harmony group The Kestrels.  Together with fellow group member Roger Cook he started writing songs when on tour with the Beatles. The first song they wrote together, 'You've Got Your Troubles' was a No 2 hit for The Fortunes. Soon after Roger Greenaway and Roger Cook recorded together as David and Jonathan on George Martin's label where they had Top 10 hits with the Beatles' song 'Michelle' and their own composition, 'Lovers Of The World Unite.'  Other songs that Roger co-wrote included, "Blame it on the Pony Express" (Johnny Johnson and the Bandwagon) 'Something Tells Me (Something Is Gonna Happen Tonight)" (Cilla Black) "I've Got You On My Mind", "When You Are a King", "My Baby Loves Lovin' (White Plains); "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress", "Gasoline Alley Bred", (The Hollies); "You've Got Your Troubles", "Freedom Come, Freedom Go" (The Fortunes); "Banner Man", "Melting Pot", "Good Morning Freedom" (Blue Mink); "Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart" (Gene Pitney),  "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (in Perfect Harmony) The New Seekers,' 'Like Sister, Like Brother' "Kissin' in the Back Row of the Movies", "There Goes My First Love" (The Drifters). Roger talks us through his career and included many fascinating stories and plays sketches of some of his songs

The Robin Millar StoryThe Robin Millar Story - Interview by Iain McNay - watch this programme

Robin's sister was married to Mick Taylor of the Rolling Stones and as a teenager he went on tour with the Stones. At 21 he took his guitar and dreams to Paris where after getting a job in a recording studio he ended up producing some hit records in Belgium as well as playing guitar in Nico's band. Returning to London he secured a recording deal with Atlantic Records. He then found a band called Pride whose singer was Sade. He ended up producing the first two Sade albums as well as Everything But The Girl, Big Country, Working Week, Randy Crawford, Malcolm McClaren and many others. Robin knew from an early age that he would eventually go blind which finally happened midway through producing the second Sade album. He is now Chairman of Blue Raincoat Music who look after the Chrysalis Records catalogue as well as managing several artists and songwriters. In this in-depth interview he talks us through his life and includes many fascinating stories.

The Procol Harum StoryGary Brooker - 'The Procol Harum Story' - Interview by Mark Powell - watch this programme

Gary is the singer and principle songwriter of Procol Harum who in 2018 are celebrating 50 years of existence with the release of 'Still There'll Be More' an 8 CD box set. Their hits over the years include, 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale,' 'Homburg' 'Conquistador' and 'Pandora's Box.' Gary talks about his early days with The Paramounts who supported the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, the formation of Procol Harum and the many adventures the band had over the last 50 years. www.procolharum.co.uk

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